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Cynthia Macklin is an aggressive and competent trial attorney with more than

a decade of experience and successes in getting her clients’ favorable outcomes.

  She has spent over a decade defending clients who have been faced with criminal charges and clients who have suffered

injuries in the state of Washington.  She understands that being accused of a

crime does not define a person.  Cynthia

  Macklin has represented thousands

of clients faced with DUI or DWI

and has been successful in saving many client’s good name, employment,

and their freedom. She is highly

experienced in all details of Criminal

and DUI Defense.

She is an exceptional trial lawyer

who has had remarkable success

in trial defending clients accused

of DUI, DWI and other

criminal charges, with many favorable outcomes. 

How much does it cost to hire a Washington Attorney?

On a Personal Injury case, the fee is usually a contingency fee.  What that means is there is no upfront legal fee to the client.  The attorney takes their fee out of the final settlement, typically 33%. 

On a Criminal matter, most attorneys charge a flat fee based upon their experience and the likely amount of work the case will need.  However, flat fees seldom include representation at trial. 

The fee an Attorney charges often depends on the complexity of the case,

the experience of the Attorney and how much work the particular case will

likely involve.  While the fees may seem high in the beginning, the work your

attorney does can pay off substantially and in fact, can make a dramatic

difference in your future. 

To help you get the biggest bang for your buck when hiring an Attorney,

we will discuss the details on Attorney fees below. First, however, you should

keep in mind a couple of things before you decide to pay the down payment:

The initial consultation or case evaluation should be FREE. There are very

few DUI Attorneys who will charge you for the initial consultation. In the area of

DUI defense, the best lawyers always provide a free consultation. This is so you

make an informed decision before you spend any money. A competent

and experienced DUI Attorney knows that they can't really do an

evaluation of your case and give you good legal advice until they know

more details about the case, your criminal history, the  arresting agency

and the court the case is filed in.  At your initial consultation, after

considering all the necessary information, the Attorney can give you a good

understanding of what to expect in your case, what they can or cannot accomplish,

what your expected outcome will be and what you can expect to pay.

What to look for in a Washington DUI Attorney:  

DUI Defense is a very technical area of the law, often involving the requirement of

scientific knowledge.  Some of the areas that a DUI Attorney must be knowledgeable 

in include: of Breath testing process; analysis; proper certification and quality

assurance of breath test machines; blood draw procedure and proper storage and

handling of lab results. Additionally, DUI laws are very fluid.  A good DUI Attorney

will be up to date and have current knowledge of the ever-changing Washington

DUI laws and penalties. You would not hire a Brain Surgeon to do an open-heart

surgery; the same is true of hiring a DUI Attorney; make sure they are very

experienced in doing DUIs. 

Every court handles DUIs differently. A good DUI Attorney will have a good

reputation throughout the many different courts.  She will know who the

prosecutors are and how to negotiate well with them to get the best possible

offer on your case.  She will also know the Judges and which Judges to avoid having your case heard in front of and which Judge is the best to be in front of.  Often times both prosecutors and Judges can be harder on defendants who are represented by an Attorney they do not respect. This is not right, but it is the way it often is. Make sure that the Attorney you hire has a lot of experience in the court your case is charged and how well she gets along with the prosecutors, Judges and the court support staff. 

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