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Traffic Tickets

When you are issued a traffic infraction, you are not only facing a fine but also the cost of a likely increase in your insurance premiums. A moving violation, if found committed, can raise your monthly insurance premiums for 3 years, potentially costing thousands of dollars.

Cynthia Macklin will fight to protect your good driving record and low insurance rate.

We go to court for you

When you retain Cynthia Macklin to represent you on an infraction, in most cases, you will not need to appear at the hearing. Keep in mind that you have only 15 days from the date the ticket was issued to request a hearing. When you retain our services, we do the request for you and handle all the filing documents.

We understand that most of us live very busy lives and we work very hard for our money; let Cynthia Macklin handle the representation of your traffic infraction and save you the time of fighting the infraction and your low insurance rates.

Protect your good driving record and your low insurance rate from the impact of speeding tickets, and other types of traffic tickets today.