Aggressively Defending Those Accused of Crimes and
Fighting for Those Who Have Been Injured

Law Office of Cynthia A. Macklin, LLC
15 North Broadway, Suite A
Tacoma WA 98403

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A leading attorney in Pierce County, Washington, Cynthia A. Macklin handles a variety of cases involving personal injury and accidents, along with other areas of criminal defense. She works to obtain favorable case results for you. Her personal approach to ensure you receive the best representation is driven by her compassion for the interest of her clients.

At the Office of Cynthia A. Macklin, LLC, we provide experienced legal counsel and trial work for your case. We are committed to protecting your legal rights. We understand that you and your family's future can be riding on the outcome of your case. For a free consultation regarding your case, contact our office at 253-566-0808

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